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If You Are A Victim Of A Motorcycle Accident And Are Badly Hurt Then This The Most Important Message You Will Ever Read

Here is why.

“You have a chance to Sue

If you as a motorcyclist were not at fault you can sue the driver who was at fault. Your claim can include the cost of long-term care, compensation for pain and suffering, lost income from missing work, and more.”

“You are entitled to accident benefits

You are automatically entitled to Accident Benefits. No matter whose fault it was.The benefits can help with medical expenses, physical therapy, and other expenses”

Unfortunately, Many motorcycle accidents end in more severe injury or death than the victims of car accidents because Motorcyclists have minimal protection.

According to research conducted at the University of Toronto, motorcycle accidents are 5 times more deadly than car accidents.

According to Transport Canada, 242 motorcycle and moped riders (i.e., drivers and passengers) died in 2020. This is the highest number of deaths recorded in over 20 years and a 24% increase from 195 deaths in 2019.

An average of ~ 205 motorcyclists died in traffic collisions per year between 2016 and 2020.

Motorcyclists are 17.4 times more likely to die in a traffic collision when compared to car drivers.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Most Common Motorcycle Physical Injuries Are:

Road Rash, Facial Fractures


Broken Bones And Burns.

The Injuries can be from minor to disabling, such as spinal cord injuries, Brain Injuries, paralysis and limb amputations.

Motorcycle Accident Victims who got disabling physical injuries more often than not “develop serious mental health issues such as”:

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)



Insomnia or other sleep disorders

Drug and Alcohol use disorder

And more...


The amount of motorcycle settlement is usually higher than a car accident claim because of severity of injuries sustained and expensive medical bills. According to a U of T study Motorcycle medical injury bills are 6 times more expensive compared to car accidents.

“7 FREE Pin-Point Legal Analysis of Your Motorcycle Accident to Find Out if You Even Need to Hire a Lawyer”

When you meet our expert Lawyer for your first free initial consultation at Noohi Law, we will do a detailed analysis of your accident to see if hiring a lawyer will add benefit to your case. This meeting will answer questions such as: Will it help me to get a larger settlement, more negotiating power, and not having to deal with tons of complicated paperwork?

Assisting You in The Entire Process


we will try to find out Whose “Fault It Is”. In Ontario an injured person's compensation (not including statutory accident benefits) is proportional to the degree of how much the injured person was at fault. So, the injured person’s compensation will be reduced according to their degree of involvement in causing the accident (e.g., 30% or 40%) reduction in compensation


we will try to find out “The Type And Severity Of Your Motorcycle Accident Injury”. We make sure to have your claim categorized correctly. That is if your injury is a Minor injury, non-minor injury or catastrophic injury ( torn ligaments, severe injury to the spine, spinal cord, or brain…).

Minor injuries are eligible for up to $3,500;

Non-minor injuries are eligible for up to $6,500; and

Catastrophic injuries are eligible for up to $1 million.

For serious and catastrophic injuries it makes sense to have an expert law firm represent and protect you.


we ask you if you Were In An Accident Before And You Were Injured?

Insurance companies are always looking for ways to not cover your claim. One of the good excuses they love to use is previous injuries as an excuse to avoid not paying you.

When you consult with our expert motorcycle injury lawyer, we will examine your past accident and medical history to figure out how the previous accident impacts settlement of your current motorcycle accident.

We will try to find legal ways to reduce its impact as much as possible.

Getting You the Right Settlement


we will determine if Your “Future Income Is In Danger?”

Your motorcycle accident injury lawyer will examine if the injuries from the accident caused you to lose income or will cause you not to continue working, or return to your old job and or will stop or diminish your ability to work in future.

In order to calculate the complete and detailed impact of the accident injuries on your future potential income. We engage the advice of forensic accountants, economic experts, vocational experts, and other experts as needed.


“Did The Insurance Company Deny Your Claim?”

Unfortunately, Denial of your accident claim creates an immediate huge financial pressure, and makes it harder to handle, on top of injuries you have suffered.

The good news is that our experienced lawyers can review your specific case, including your insurance policy and medical records and on your behalf can challenge the insurance company’s decision.


we will check “if The Insurance Company Blames You Unfairly For Your Own Accident”?

Don’t be surprised if you are blamed for an accident you are involved in, and it is not your fault. This is done to reduce or deny your fair compensation.

It happens not only in motorcycle accident cases but also in slip and fall injuries, ski accidents, personal injury, and other accident cases.

When this happens to you, you will need an affirmative response based on examination of your case and research of the applicable law.


“We will assess if it is worthwhile to Plan to Sue or Settle your claim”. A Noohilaw expert motorcycle lawyer will do a detailed analysis of your case to see if it makes sense for you to consider to plan to sue the other side or just focus on getting a settlement.

This task is a very complicated analysis of your case, because we are trying to see your case in the future. Determining this we help you to prepare your case in the right direction to get the highest possible settlement.

If your motorcycle accident caused minor property damage only or there is minor dispute over any medical bills then the case may not need a lawyer.

When you are comfortable, call us for a free, no obligation review of your case 416-907-7364 Or Email: [email protected]

Professional & Experienced Team

Why Choose Noohi Law Professional Team Of Personal Injury Lawyers?

  1. Noohi Law & Associates has been helping motorcycle accident victims since 2013. Previous to that the founder of Noohi Law worked for 11 years at one of Toronto’s top boutique personal injury law firms.

  2. Noohi Law has helped more than 1000 clients in the last 10 years, as a result we have extensive knowledge on how to deal with insurance companies. We can anticipate how they think and act which will help us to position your case in a way to get the highest possible settlement.

  3. Check our reviews and case studies. We handle difficult cases that other personal injury lawyers reject.

  4. We have a proven time tested track record of success in motorcycle accident injury cases.

  5. Want to find out how to get compensated for your pain and injury? Get your case started ASAP?

  6. We only get paid when we get money for you.

  7. Noohi Law will examine your case in detail and will only advise you to move forward, if we see there is a high probability to make you money.

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We have put together many common questions that our clients have asked us in the last 20 years together with our answers gathered from our experiences.

It is Free! Check our Auto Accident FAQ section.

What Will I Get After My

“ 7 Free Pin-Point Legal Analysis”

At Last!,You'll Get A Blueprint For Your Case...

You Will Know…

The answers to your questions and concerns about your case.

Your Options

You will know clearly the weakness and strengths of your case. And, if you have a case and the best way to move forward.

Your Timeframe

You will also know how long your case is likely to take.

Find Out How To Get The Most Value From Your First Initial Consultation With The Motorcycle Lawyer

Prepare your questions and concerns before you meet the lawyer for Your Free Initial Legal Consultation

Here are list of the essential documents to prepare:

Name, contact information of witnesses

Written statements from witness

All of your Medical records, related and not related to your accident

Statement from your doctors

Photos of your injuries

Photos of the accident scene

Insurance records

List of your questions

Motor vehicle collision report from Police

Make sure you read the Frequently Asked Questions on our website

What Type Of Compensation Can I Get For My Motorcycle Accident

Mandatory Motorcycle insurance is a must, according to the province’s Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act. So a motorcycle accident survivor has access to a range of financial compensation called “Statutory Accident Benefits” provided by their insurer.

Statutory Accident Benefits might cover

● Medical expenses

● Chiropractic sessions

● Ambulance bills

● Strength-training exercise programs

● Psychological counseling

● Medical equipment

● Prescriptions

● Home modifications to accommodate acquired disabilities

● Mobility aids

● Physiotherapy

● Massage therapy

● Damage to clothing

● Mileage expenses for trips to and from medical appointments

● And possibly more…

How Soon Should I Contact a Lawyer About My Motorcycle Accident?

Time is Not on Your Side!

Beware of Strict Time Limits to file a claim.

In Ontario we have strict time limits to file a claim.

Motorcycle accidents are generally severe, so the sooner you get a Free 7 legal pin-point analysis of your case the better you know where you stand. And it will help you to prepare and plan your next steps.

Is any of the following true for your case? If so, contact us for a Free 7 legal pin-point analysis of your case.

● Severe ( Facial Fractures, head trauma, broken bones, torn ligaments, or lacerations)

● The insurance company is offering an unusually quick settlement before your medical treatment is finished..

● The other motorist is underinsured.

If your motorcycle accident caused minor property damage only or there is minor dispute over any medical bills then the case may not need a lawyer.

For Expert Advice On Your Specific Motorcycle Accident call 416-907-7364 Or Email: [email protected] for a Free, No Obligation Consultation.

7 Critical Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

  • 1. How Many Years Of Experience Do Your Bullet List Have And How Many Cases Have You Handled?

    Before hiring a lawyer get answers to the following:

    ● How many years have you practiced law?

    ● How many years have you specialized in motorcycle accident claims?

    ● Have you handled catastrophic motorcycle accident cases?

    ● How many of those cases have you won?

    At Noohi Law:

    “Kathy’s vision combined with a solid 20-year career of wins in personal injury, motorcycle accident, short and long-term disability claims is defined by settling over 2500 cases, cultivating relationships, and building strong legal teams that have produced significant results for Noohi Law’s clients.”

    Kathy is known to get results and win difficult and problematic personal injury cases.

    $1.4 Million, Motorcycle Accident

    A young lady on a motorcycle had a catastrophic accident in which unfortunately she lost use of one of her arms.

    $1.25 Million, Head on Collision

    Our client was involved in a head on collision that broke both of her legs. Our car accident lawyers obtained a $1.25 million settlement from the insurance company.”

  • 2. Hire A Lawyer Who Can Identify The Weaknesses And Strengths Of Your Case?

    An expert motorcycle lawyer must possess the ability to thoroughly analyze your case to determine its strengths and weaknesses.

  • 3. How Much Does The Law Firm Charge? And On What Is Their Fee Structure?

    Questions to ask are:

    Are there any upfront fees?

    Does the law firm work on a contingency basis?

    If so, What percentage do they take as fees?

    When do you get paid your settlement amount?

    Do they charge you for initial consultation or for asking questions?

    Do they write their fee structure and details of payment of your settlement in a clear format?

  • 4. Who Will Manage My Case?

    You need to make sure your case is not passed on as a referral to the highest-bidding law firm. You must be informed of who exactly will be handling your file.

    You choose the initial law firm to help you with your case based on your selection criteria.

    You never signed up to be referred to another law firm unknown to you. Make sure an expert lawyer will handle your case.

  • 5. How Much Is My Case Worth?

    By performing a pin-point analysis of the facts of your case, and the injuries you suffered, the lawyer should be able to give you an estimate of the value of your case based on the result of the pin-point analysis and past similar cases.

    This evaluation of your case will highlight the experience of the motorcycle personal injury lawyer.

  • 6. How Long Will It Take To Resolve My Case?

    It is a hard question to ask but you need to ask it. Based on an examination of your case and calculating the complexity of the accident and injuries you suffered and other factors like the court schedule and willingness of the insurance companies to cooperate, an experienced lawyer should be able to give you an educated estimate.

  • 7. What Is Your Plane Of Action To Get The Highest Amount Of Settlement For Me?

    This question will highlight the depth of the experience of the lawyer. And it will

    show you if they are proactive or reactive and also what is their approach and strategies and what tactics they use.

    Now you can see if their approach is the best one for you and is in line with your goal.

    Asking this question plays a crucial role in establishing transparency, and trust, and determining if you are the right fit for each other.

Noohi Law’s Battle Tested, Proven Plan Of Action for Your Motorcycle Injury Claim

● First you will meet One-on-One for 7 Free pin-point case analysis and Strategy Session with a motorcycle injury lawyer

● We notify all insurance companies to never call you again and that we represent you.

● We will request from your doctors all medical bills and records

● You will receive follow-up calls on regular intervals while you are under medical care.

When the time is right for your case and when you are finished with medical care. We will analyze your case to come up with a written evaluation of your case. Once you agree with the evaluation of your case then we will present it to the insurance company.

● If you get a good offer for a settlement from the insurance company that satisfies your goal then everybody is happy and your case is settled.

● If the insurance company does not make a good offer, we will try to negotiate on your behalf. If still you don't get what you want then we will file suit and go to trial, if needed.

● Once we settle the case with a good compensation for you. We will settle all outstanding medical bills so you are free and clear of any debt.

For Expert Advice On Your Specific Motorcycle Accident call 416-907-7364 Or Email: [email protected] for a Free, No Obligation Consultation.

Find Out!, In Detail How Your Case Is Handled Starting From The First Time We Meet?

We treat you like family. We want you and your family to be cared for.

We are here to hold your hand and move you and your family through this maze of a complicated process.

It is important to us to listen to your story intently and note every detail to find out the best angle that will benefit you the most.

When we meet, we want to hear your STORY.

We will ask you these questions:

1. Date and the time of accident?

2. Exact location of the accident?

3. Were you the driver? Passenger? Pedestrian?

4. What was the driving speed at the time of the accident?

5. Did an ambulance or police arrive at the scene at the time of the accident?

6. Do you have a police report?

7. Were there any injuries?

8. Did you see your family doctor after the accident?

9. Any other accidents before this time?

10. Did you lose consciousness after the accident?

11. Are you back to work after the accident?

12. Did you talk to the insurance company and what they told you?

Then, based on your case we will make an appointment to meet our expert motorcycle injury lawyer in person, for Free and under no obligation.

If we cannot help with your case we will recommend our lawyer partners who are experts in your specific case.

When you are ready and feel comfortable Call us at:

416-907-7364 Or Email: [email protected] for a Free, No Obligation Consultation.

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