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When Is an Accident Considered to Be a Hit and Run?

A driver who gets in an accident with another car, motorcyclist, pedestrian, or cyclist and does not stay at the scene of the accident is committing a hit and run.

Any person involved in an accident who fails to remain at the scene is punishable by law with grave consequences, especially when the victim sustains serious, permanent injuries.

Hit and run cases include hitting a car while parallel parking or hitting a bicycle and leaving the accident scene, or rear ending someone while driving and fleeing the scene.

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Who Will Cover My Damages If the Driver Is not Caught?

Every person involved in an accident must make efforts to identify the vehicle license plate, the driver of the vehicle, and the insurance of the driver. However, due to many reasons, not limited to sudden shock, or severe injuries, a person may not be able to identify the vehicle and the driver who caused the accident.

We will work with law enforcement to find the driver who fled the scene of the accident and bring the person to justice.

In case the driver is not found, we can make an uninsured motorist claim through your own insurance company.

Uninsured motorist coverage provides compensation for property damage, pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and more.

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What Are the Penalties for Fleeing the Accident Scene?

Fleeing the scene of an accident is an offense under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.

Drivers who flee the scene of an accident can face both federal and provincial penalties, such as:

● A fine of between $400 and $2,000

● Imprisonment up to six months

● There is an automatic license suspension under the Highway Traffic Act that results from being found guilty of this offense, as well as a criminal record and increased insurance rates (of 50% or more) for at least three years.

● There is usually also a driving prohibition under the Criminal Code that is imposed by the judge that runs concurrently with the suspension under the Highway Traffic Act.

The penalty for a hit and run accident is severe especially if the victim sustained fatal injuries, in such a case it may be up to 10 years jail time or even a more serious charge of criminal negligence.

What Should I Do If I Hit a Parked Car or A Pet in Ontario?

According to federal and provincial law you are responsible to try your best to find the owner of the damaged car. If you tried your best and cannot find the owner, then you may leave your information on the visible section of the car.

It would be a good idea to report the accident.

I Had a Hit and Run Accident, Am I Entitled to Any Compensation?

Yes, you may be surprised to know that you have multiple financial compensations available, such as, your own auto insurance or other entities or individuals like other drivers, motor vehicle manufacturers, municipalities or agencies responsible for the roads, who directly or indirectly contributed to the cause of your hit and run accident.

With the right legal advice, you can use your options to get compensated for your medical bill, everyday life expenses, and pain and suffering.

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How Much Does a Hit-And-Run Accident Injury Lawyer Cost?

Being a victim of a hit-and-run accident is extremely hard and suddenly, puts you in an unwanted position of immediately dealing with many undesired challenges like, pain, suffering, unexpected financial hardships, loss of career and loss of care of your children or elderly parents to name a few. It is really a fight against all odds.

We understand the challenges you are facing.

We are here to help.

In recognition of these difficult circumstances, we can help you on a contingency basis, which is If you do not win, we don't win, and we won't get paid. If you win, we get paid a percentage of any money recovered on your behalf.

The initial consultation with a lawyer, who is an expert in hit and run accidents, is free of charge. The consultation will diagnose your case and will provide legal advice on the best direction to take.

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I Was Involved in A Hit-And-Run Accident, What Kind of Compensation Am I Entitled To?

The compensation depends on the severity of the injuries sustained, recovery time from the injuries, the age and occupation of the injured person, medical expenses, and other factors.

In General, You May Be Entitled to Compensation For:

● Any health care expenses incurred, cost of hiring people to help you out with your daily activities, transportation, and childcare.

● Costs of surgeries, emergency services, medications and physical therapy and home health care providers, rehabilitation costs.

● Costs of repair and replacement of damaged property, and cost of home maintenance

● Loss of income (including vacation pay) due to your inability to work because of your injuries.

● Loss of any future earning opportunities, cost of retraining for a new career, in case your injuries prevent you from pursuing your current career or cannot work at all.

● Your pain and suffering, including emotional suffering, and loss of quality of life resulting from the injuries you suffered, loss of companionship or intimacy with a spouse or partner, and inconvenience or difficulties of living with your injury.

● You may also be able to claim punitive damages, to punish the hit-and-run driver’s intentionally irresponsible and harmful actions.

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How Long Will a Hit and Run Case Take to Settle?

Depending on the details of the accident, it may take several months to a few years.

We want to make sure you get the highest, best compensation for your medical injuries and suffering before we settle your case. It may take a number of months or even years to determine how you will recover from injuries or until you reach your maximum medical recovery.

We will diligently watch your case for the best time to settle.

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What Are the First Critical Steps to Do Right After a Hit-And-Run Accident

The first critical thing to do is to report the accident to the police. By law you must report an accident within 24 hours. Many insurance companies may consider the person reporting the accident to be at fault if it is not reported within 24 hours.

The next step is to make good notes of everything you remember and collect information like:

1. The license plate number of the driver who fled, if you did not see it, ask witnesses.

2. Car information like make, model, color

3. Driver description

4. names and phone numbers of witnesses.

5. Also take many pictures of your car and the location of the accident.

6. If the hit-and-run happened in an area with security cameras, like a parking lot, try finding out if the other driver was caught on tape.

What Are the Penalties for A Hit and Run Accident If the Fleeing Driver Was Under the Influence Of Drugs Or Alcohol?

In a hit and run, without being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, usually the person who fails to remain at the scene may go to jail for more than two (2) years, in case of a fatality.

If the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then the sentencing would be much harsher, the jail time would be higher.

Can I Pursue a Hit and Run Driver in Both Criminal and Civil Court?

It depends on the details of your case.

The civil branch and criminal branch of our legal system are separate from each other.

A driver who ran away in a hit-and-run accident may get both criminal charges and a civil action.

When a driver is intentionally or criminally careless in their actions, then their action causes a criminal case. And they may face large fines and even prison sentences.

When a driver fails in their duty to prevent injury or property damage in a reasonable manner then their action causes a civil action. And they may be liable financially to the victim(s).

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