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Wrongful Death

Loss Of A Loved One Is A Traumatic Event, We Know You're Grieving, Please Accept Our Condolences

As survivor/s You can bring a claim against someone who can be held liable for your loss.

A claim arising from death caused by careless, irresponsible, or erroneous action of an individual is called a wrongful death claim

It is very difficult and unbearable to come to terms with the loss of a loved one, especially under the unfortunate circumstances of a tragic accident. We know emotions can often be overwhelming.

As a survivor, you need to know your rights. And now there is help for you to handle the costs and deal with any financial pressure.

We will hold your hand just like a family member and walk you through the legal maze of getting you the compensation you deserve.

The sooner you prepare your case the better it is.

When we meet we will diagnose your case with our FREE “7 Pin-Point Legal” Analysis of the accident.

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Find Out What a Wrongful Death Claim Is.

Wrongful death is a legal term used to describe an injury, accident, or illness caused by a careless, irresponsible, or erroneous action of an individual.

It could be, but not limited to any of the accident types listed below:

● Medical malpractice

● Catastrophic truck accidents

● Fatal car accidents

● Fatal motorcycle accidents

● Exercise Equipment accidents

● Electrical Accidents

● Drowning accidents

● Slip and Fall Accidents

● Nursing Home Negligence/Elder Abuse

● Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

● Ski Accidents

● Child Injury Cases

Who Has The Right To File A Claim For A Wrongful Death In Ontario?

In most cases, the blood relatives (spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters) have the legal right to file a claim for loss resulting from the death. In some cases, there could be other people depending on the circumstances of the accident.

How Much Compensation Can Family Members Claim For A Wrongful Death Accident?

The amount of a claim in Ontario depends on the circumstances of the accident.

For most accidents, the wrongful death claim may cover the following:

(a) reasonable expenses incurred for the benefit of the person killed;

(b) reasonable funeral expenses incurred;

(c) payment instead of the loss of care, companionship, and guidance the

surviving family as the claimant could have reasonably expected to receive if the person was alive.

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How Soon Should We File A Wrongful Death Claim?

Time is Not on Your Side

Beware of Strict Time Limits to file a claim.

The loss of a loved one is painful especially when it happens so suddenly. We know you're grieving. And as a result, you could all of a sudden be under unexpected financial hardships. However, insurance claims can cover your financial loss. It also would help you to know your legal rights.

In Ontario, we have a strict limitation period within which you must file a wrongful death claim. A person generally has two years after the loss of a loved one to file a wrongful death lawsuit. If you file a lawsuit outside of the limitation period your case will be dismissed.

Automatic Benefits You As Family Member Of The Deceased Get In Wrongful Death Claim In A Car Accident Case

1. One way you will get compensation is through your wrongful death claim

2. You may also be able to recover death and funeral benefits under Ontario’s Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS). Don't worry about these legal terms, we will explain them in detail when we meet.

In car accident claims death and funeral benefits are as follows:

● Spouse’s benefit: A payment to the deceased’s spouse of $25,000 (or $50,000 if optional coverage was purchased);

Dependents' benefits: A payment to each of the deceased’s dependents of $10,000 (or $20,000 if optional coverage was purchased). Also, if no spouse’s benefit is required (e.g., because the deceased person was not married), the $25,000 is split equally among the deceased’s dependents.

Funeral benefit: A funeral benefit to pay for funeral expenses up to $6,000 (or $8,000 if optional coverage was purchased).

Death and funeral benefits may be available regardless of who was at fault. That is, even if no one was at fault for the accident, and even if the deceased family member was at fault, these accident benefits may still be available.

Find Out How To Get The Most Value From Your First Initial Consultation With The Wrongful Death Lawyer

Prepare your questions and concerns before you meet the lawyer for a FREE “Pin-Point Legal” Analysis of the accident

Please bring the following documents:

1. A certified copy of death registration which includes the medical cause of death. You need authorization from an estate administrator to get it.

2. A list of the medical professionals your loved one has visited for the last two years.

3. A detailed list of all immediate family members, containing birth dates and social security numbers.

4. A copy of your loved one’s Will. If your loved one does not have a Will, call our office to find out what to do.

5. Copies of any medical records.

6. Provide all medical bills, insurance cards, and receipts from any health insurance company about the treatment your loved one received for the past two years.

7. Copy of their legal status document in Canada.

8. The Last three years' tax returns, if retired, bring copies of their pension documents.

9. We like to talk to family members who have any knowledge or information related to your loved one’s accident.

10. Name, and contact information of witnesses

11. Written statements from witness

12. Photos of your injuries

13. The Photos of the Accident Scene

Get A Free “Pin-Point Legal” Analysis Of Your Wrongful Death Case.

We know it is very hard to come to terms with the loss of a loved one.

We are here for you for a Free detailed consultation of your wrongful death case. You need to have a wrongful death lawyer beside you every step of the way to make sure you get fair and just compensation.

Find out HOW a lawyer can help you.

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What can be compensated for In a Wrongful Death Claim

As a survivor of the deceased family member, you may be able to recover the damages you suffered because of the loved one’s wrongful death.

Here is a partial list of the damages you can claim:

● Any cost incurred caring for the deceased person before passing away.

● Cost of transportation for you to visit the deceased person during their treatment.

● Any loss of your income occurred because of caring for the deceased person before death.

● Funeral expenses

● Any loss of income the deceased person would have provided the family

● Extra expenses are incurred because of the need to change or increase the maintenance of the home. For example, installing a ramp to the house.

● Compensation to cover the loss of care, companionship, guidance

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