Occupiers Liability

admin • Jul 16, 2020

Occupiers Liability

An occupiers’ liability claim in Ontario is filed against a property owner or occupier who was somehow negligent in preventing injuries on his or her property. Such claims commonly arise from incidents such as a slip-and-fall on icy stairs, or a trip-and-fall on uneven ground or pot hole.

​A successful claim may result in compensation that addresses pain and suffering, medical costs and missed income.

The definition of a premises;

​A definition of an occupier’s duty to maintain a reasonably safe premises;

​Exceptions to an occupier’s liability (such as in the case of trespassing or an injury that occurs during the pursuit of a criminal activity);

How special contracts may or may not affect liability; and,

​ducts are delivered immediately

A landlord’s obligation as an occupier.

Accidents of such nature may occur on:

Private parking lots






​Uncleared snow/ice

​Uneven surfaces, cracks in sidewalks

​Poor lighting

​Improperly waxed floors, spilled fluids that have been left uncleaned

​Loose debris in a walkway

​​Broken steps on stairways

Who is liable in an occupiers’ liability claim?

A store owner

​A landlord

​Hotel owner/property manager​

Home owner​

Restaurant owner​

Grocery store manager

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